"Discover New Job & Career Options That You Will Enjoy, Excel In, and Pay You Well... In As Fast As 2 Weeks"


NYC Career Counselor Jeff Neil helps college educated professionals who are unsatisfied with their current job & career to identify new directions that are a great match for their skills, traits, interests, and experience.  

How It Works

What career counseling services do you need?


To make sure your career counseling is effective and helpful, you'll first complete a 25 page assessment workbook and I'll read it cover to cover before we meet.

1st Career Counseling Session

In our first career counseling session we'll determine the key elements of the right job & career for you, including your best skills & traits, what motivates you, your interests, and more.

Pinpoint alternate job & career ideas

Pinpoint Job & Career Options

After your first career counseling session, I get the big assignment. I'll take all of the information I've learned about you and do my research to identify specific job & career ideas that I think could be interesting options for you.

2nd Career Counseling Session

In this career counseling session, we'll discuss the alternate job & career options that I believe could be a potential match for you, answer your questions about them, and discuss the best strategies to learn more about ones that appeal to you.

NYC Career Counselor says Congrats

Research your job & career options

Job & Career Research

After your 2nd career counseling sesson, it's time for you to investigate the appealing job and careers we've identified and choose your new career!

Make Your Career Transition

For clients who want additional support, I provide resume, cover letter and LinkedIn coaching; job search strategy coaching, and interview coaching

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Why Use New Career Breakthrough? 


Over the past 15 years, more than 6,000 New Yorkers have used my career counseling services to discover exciting new job & career options for them and support their career transitions.


Most clients identify the best job and career direction for them in just 2 or 3 career counseling sessions. 


There's no contract or commmitment of any kind. Clients only pay for the services they choose, typically an investment of just $380 to $560. 


Career counseling services are provided on weekdays from 10 am to 10 pm in a beautiful office suite near the Empire State Building or by phone or Skye. You choose.

Free Consultation Offer...  

Please Give Yourself This Opportunity To See If My Career Counseling Can Help You Discover The Right New Job & Career For You

I invite you to schedule a free career counseling consultation with me.  

We'll talk for 15 minutes by phone about your career situation and the step-by-step system I've created to help more than 6,000 people in the NYC area to discover the best job and career options for them.  

The consultations are by telephone, so they are easy and convenient.  

There are three easy ways to arrange a free consultation session.  

One way is to take action on your career right now and schedule a complimentary consultation now...

I can also be reached at (646) 413-0020. If I'm with a client and can't pick up the phone, please leave a message.  

Or, if you prefer, you can provide your contact information below and I will follow up shortly by email.

Please Don't Leave My Site Wondering If I Could Help You Have The Career Success & Satisfaction You Deserve

Go ahead and schedule your free career counseling consultation at no risk whatsoever.  

This could be exactly what you need to achieve the career satisfaction and success you want.  

To Your Career Success,  

Jeff Neil