"Here's a Proven Interview Coaching System that will Teach You the INTERVIEWING SKILLS & STRATEGIES You Need to STAND OUT FROM THE COMPETITION and Win Exciting JOB OFFERS."

You can easily and quickly learn how to ace your next interview & get the job offer... even if you don't have all of the "required skills, experience, or education!

The next time you interview,
you can get HIRED!


Dear Job Seeker,

One simple mistake during an interview can kill months of precious time searching for a job.

Unfortunately, most job seekers don't know the small or big mistakes they are making... or how
 to excel through the entire interview process.

I know this first-hand.  When I was a Chief Operating Officer and HR Director at a large company...

I watched hundreds of qualified candidates miss out on job offers... while less qualified candidates excelled in their interviews and walked away with exciting job offers.

The reality is - the candidate who receives the job offer is often the best prepared candidate who really understands interviewing strategies that set them apart from other candidates.  

Here's why that's great news for you...

On this page, I'm going to show you how YOU can be that winning candidate. 

Give Yourself Every Advantage In Your Job Interviews...

One successful job interview can change your career (and life) forever.

In today's ultra-competitive job market, you need every edge you can get in your interviews.

The Best and Fastest Way I've Ever Seen to Master Interviewing

I'm Jeff Neil, Founder of New Career Breakthrough.

When I was the Chief Operating Officer and Human Resources Manager of a large company, I watched good people lose job offers they could have won if they had better interviewing skills.

I wanted to help those candidates, but I couldn't... it was their job to come prepared to a job interview.

Now I can help...

In 2004 I left my corporate job and launched a career and interview coaching company that helps professionals find and land the right new job for them.

One of the first things I did was create an interview coaching program that teaches people ALL of the interview skills, strategies, and techniques that will make employers want to hire you.

I call it "Interview Breakthrough Coaching".

Over the years, hundreds of my clients have successfully used my Interview Breakthrough strategies, from entry level to senior executives in virtually all industries.

Now it's your turn to hone your interviewing skills to elite levels and get the job you want.

Here Are Some of the Benefits You'll Receive When You Use My 
Interview Breakthrough Coaching

You'll learn...

  • The most effective interview preparation strategies to position yourself as a strong candidate.
  • My unique strategy that instantly grabs the interviewer's attention at the start of the interview and create a winning first impression.

  • The two crucial questions you must ask at the start of every interview... so you say the right things during the interview.
  • How to handle standard and touch interview questions with ease. (I'll personally help you develop definitive answer that you can use for any interview question you're not sure how you want to answer.)

  • The difference between behavioral, situational and stress interviews. (If you don't understand the specific purpose of each type of interview and know exactly how you should handle each one, your chance of getting 'knocked out' skyrockets.)
  • How to simply, easily and honestly "sell" yourself to any employer... even if you don't feel comfortable talking about yourself.

  • How to use a combination of "situation," "activity," and "result" to talk about your qualifications - it always grabs an employer's attention for the right reasons.

  • How to uncover any doubts the interviewer has about your skills, experience and qualifications - and how you can reduce or eliminate those doubts.

  • An effective strategy to help you come across as motivated and likeable - two essential keys to getting hired. (If you have the skills and experience but the hiring manager doesn't think they'll enjoy working with you, you'll lose the job offer.)

  • How to best explain gaps in your work experience and qualifications, being fired, etc.

  • The deadly questions you should NEVER ask in a first interview... and the best questions you NEED to ask.

  • A powerful interview follow-up formula that blows employers away. (You'll receive 8 winning follow-up templates that you can use to excite, influence, and motivate employers to hire you.)
  • The key strategy every interview follow-up letter should use to easily stand out from other candidates.

  • A simple strategy to eliminate nervousness and project confidence...which almost never fails.

  • Easy ways to improve the quality of your references... and how to deal with a "bad" reference.

  • How (and when) to discuss compensation and best answers to salary questions... so you get the job offer AND the salary you deserve.

  • How to handle multiple job offers, including six easy ways to stall a job offer.

  • How to research a company and your next boss... so you don't choose to accept a job offer that you'll regret.

Can You See Why I'm Excited to Share My Interview Breakthrough Coaching Strategies?

My Interview Breakthrough Coaching truly is an A to Z guide for quickly gaining the crucial skills and strategies you need to excite interviewers and turn your next interview into a job offer.

Every tip, strategy, and technique that I share with you is a PROVEN winner.

But don't take my word for it. Here's what some clients have to say...

"My new boss told me he cancelled all of the remaining interviews after mine."

"Jeff provided me with the interview strategies necessary to capitalize on the opportunity when it presented itself for a management position at major sports league. His interview prep is tremendous to the point that my new boss told me he CANCELLED all of the remaining interviews after mine."


"I used Jeff's amazing interview advice, and I was instantly offered the job!"

"I am a recent college graduate. Entering the workforce is difficult, frustrating, and scary. I had gone on several interviews and was not happy with the results. The jobs I was offered were not right for me and the jobs I really wanted were not being offered. I needed help with many things: confidence for the interview, how to answer difficult questions, how to deal with a gap in my resume, and so on. I turned to Jeff. He was absolutely amazing at helping me. He gave me great advice on interviewing strategies and how to make my skills and experience much more appealing to employers. We spent some time with me practicing questions and answers, and he sent me home with an extremely helpful packet of interview questions and the best answers. After hiring him, I landed an interview with an incredible company in the field I had always wanted to work in. I used Jeff's amazing interview advice, and I was instantly offered the job!"


"The Interview Breakthrough Coaching Program helped me land my current position... the best job I've ever had."

"Jeff taught me how to identify what employers are looking for in the candidate they will hire, and he helped me understand how to communicate my qualifications to best match the employer needs. I also learned A LOT by practicing interview questions and answers with him. The Interview Breakthrough Coaching Program helped me land my current position... the best job I've ever had."


"I was landing interviews, but never could get to the next round until I used Jeff's strategies."

I was landing interviews, but never could get to the next round until I used Jeff's strategies. After meeting Jeff, he provided a clear road map to improve my interviewing process. We figured out how I was miscommunicating my strengths and then came up with a plan to put my best foot forward. The icing on the cake was the sample thank-you follow up letters he provided - they allow you to differentiate yourself from the rest of the candidates. Since I met Jeff, I have had two interviews (it has been less than three weeks) and have gotten two second rounds, one of which is today! I wish I had used his interview coaching much sooner."


See For Yourself How My Interview Coaching Program Will Help You
Win More Job Offers For More Money

The cornerstone of my interview coaching program is a 1 to 1 coaching session that you'll have with me personally.

Your coaching sessions can take place in my private office near Union Square or by telephone / Skype... whichever you prefer.

You can schedule your coaching session as soon as you want... even as soon as tomorrow (I work with clients every weekday Monday through Saturday).

We'll begin your coaching session with a quick review of what you want to achieve during that session... so that every minute we're together counts.

The coaching session is all substance. I don't ramble or waste your time in anyway. And I'm not going to tell you that you are doing great just to boost your confidence...

I will honestly (and supportively) tell you what you are doing right and wrong... and how to improve your interviewing skills and strategies so you can land your dream job.

Your coaching session will be recorded and you will receive a link to download them on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. You can listen to the recording whenever you feel a need to review or brush up.

Coaching Session Preparation

Before your coaching session, I will email to you a "Get Started" assessment package to complete and return to me - so we can identify your specific interviewing goals and needs... and make sure every minute of your coaching session is productive.

Also before your first coaching session, you can send your resume and target job advertisement (if you have it) to me. You can also send any additional information to me that you want me to review prior to our session.

I'll use all of your information to be well prepared for your first coaching session.

Coaching Session

I'll tailor your coaching session to what you need and want. Here are the topics that many clients focus on in their first session:

  • The big and small errors that candidates make before, during and after the interview and how you can avoid them... so you don't get knocked out.
  • The crucial strategies you must use to describe your skills, experience, and qualifications... so you grab and keep the interviewer's attention.

  • The simple strategies to discover what interviewers are looking for in their top candidate... so you can show how you are a great match.

  • The most important interview preparation strategies... so you can go into the interview feeling confident and truly ready to knock the socks off the interviewer.

  • Conduct a mock job interview so you can practice answering questions and be truly ready for the real interview.
  • Develop personalized answers to tough interview questions... the ones that knockout many candidates.

  • Discuss how (and when) to talk about pay, answer the interviewer's salary questions, and negotiate an offer... so you get the salary you deserve.
  • How to deal with sticky situations like missing skills or experience, employment gaps, short-term jobs, being fired, or having a bad reference. We'll come up with definitive responses so you can practice them in your second coaching session and be able to handle them with ease and confidence in actual job interviews.

  • How to simply uncover any doubts the interviewer has about you as a candidate.... and how you can quickly reduce or eliminate those doubts... so they don't stop you from winning job offers.

In your coaching session...

You'll g
et candid feedback to identify and eliminate your interview mistakes - including the ones you don't realize you are making.

After our coaching session, I'll email an audio recording of your first coaching session.


Interview Resorces Library

I'm committed to my clients' success.  

Over the past few years, I've invested hundreds of hours creating a library of interviewing resources.

As an interview clients, you'll get 3 months of free access to these resources, including:

  • My special report "50 Great Answers to Typical and Tough Interview Questions." In this report, I reveal how to answer typical and challenging interview questions so you stand out.

    You can study these questions and answers... so you are well-prepared for your mock interview in your second interview coaching session.
  • Discover how to research a company and your potential supervisor... so you don't choose to work for the wrong new employer.

  • "Six Strategies to Stall a Job Offer"... vital information when you're dealing with multiple job offers.

  • You'll also receive my collection of eight winning interview follow up mail templates. For years, many clients have hounded me to share copies of these follow-up mail templates. Now you can easily copy and use them to keep potential employers looking forward to hearing from you during the whole interview process.

What's Your Investment To Ace Your Interviews & Land The Job Offers You Want?

I'm committed to offering an affordable and outstanding interview coaching program that lets you stand out from the competition and land job offers.

When you use My Interview Breakthrough Coaching program, you receive:

  • A 50-minute coaching sessions (in-person or by telephone / Internet conference line) to teach you the interviewing skills and strategies I've spent ten years honing.
  • 3 months of free access to my time saving resources that will "amp up" your interviewing success, including "50 Great Answers to Typical and Tough Interview Questions" eBook, "8 Interview Follow-Up Email Templates," a sample of the most effective Thank You letter that you can copy, and "How to Stall a Job Offer" special report.

  • Audio recordings of your coaching session that will serve you for a lifetime.

It is a comprehensive package... and you get it all for just $180.00

I know my Interview Breakthrough Coaching program is a bargain when you consider you'll learn everything about interviewing that has taken me ten years to uncover and prepare... the success my clients have had... and how my interview coaching program can change your career and life.

Free Consultation Offer...

Please Give Yourself This Opportunity To
See If My Interview Coaching Can 
Help You Convert Job Interviews
Into Exciting Job Offers

I invite you to schedule a free consultation with me.  

We'll talk for 15 minutes about what benefits you want to get from interview coaching, and I'll answer all the questions you have about my interview coaching program.

The consultations are by telephone, so they are easy and convenient. 

There are three easy ways to arrange for a free consultation session.

One way is to take action on your career right now... and schedule a consultation by clicking on the banner below... and select a day and time that work best for you. 

Or, if you prefer, send an email to me at Jeff@NewCareerBreakthrough.com.  I can also be reached at (646) 413-0020.

Please Don't Leave My Site Wondering If I Could Have Helped You Win More Job Offers

Go ahead and schedule your free interview consultation at no risk whatsoever.

This could be exactly what you need to land exciting job offers!

Jeff Neil
President, New Career Breakthrough

 Interview coaching for professionals in all U.S. cities including New York City, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Washington DC, Atlanta and more.